Why SEL checks are important in classrooms and how I do it in my class

When Covid hit, there was a shift in teaching. Many of the students are in quarantine spending their time alone while some of the parents prefer Independent study for their kids. Even the students who are at school, need to be careful while they are around people. This situation is affecting student’s social life and the need for checking their social and emotional health is more than it has ever been.

Here are some ways I am checking on my students and I found effective while checking of students’ emotional needs:

  • Greeting students at the door with an energetic tome and giving them fist bumps.

  • Asking students about their day or how they are feeling to get an idea how they feel when they are entering my room.

  • Reminding students that we are a team supporting each other.

  • Asking students for any shares and celebrations they have (First 5 minutes of the class) especially on Mondays.

  • Paying full attention to the students when they are sharing.

  • Using Online Mood meters if I feel students aren’t willing to share out loud. Ruler is another option to generate a graph to see the trend of your student’s overall social and emotional health.

  • Using pear decks and sharing the responses anonymously with the group so they can see the trend and be supportive.

  • Adding Math jokes in the lesson.

  • Playing calming piano music when students are working independently.

  • Using Mood Meter posters and asking students to plot their sticky note with their mood on it on the poster to see the trend.

Below are a few ways I check their SEL below:

Using pear deck to check in for students’ mood

Adding Math jokes in the lessons

Using Guided meditation youtube videos in Advisory

Using anonymous jamboards

Using Mood meter posters

Using multiple ways to check students’ SEL needs helped me understand my students’ background and their mood trends which is helping me create a better environment in my room and better relationships with my students.

What ways are you checking for your students' SEL?