Why I am TCSJ's Biggest Supporter

As I sit down to write this blog, a thought came to me... there is not a single supporter that is a “bigger” supporter of TCSJ than I am. The reason for this is the support and advice I have received and am still receiving from faculty and staff at the college. It ranges from the advice I received when applying to the institution to the positive feedback from instructors and administrators ranging from the president to directors of programs. I can't forget to mention my support supervisor, Kathleen Peebles who supported me throughout my time in the IMPACT program. Other supporters that have to be mentioned are the people who are behind the scenes at TCSJ: staff who helped set up my tuition payment plan and assisted me in processing my teaching credential. I recently started the Mathematics Instructional Added Authorization Program at TCSJ and still find this supportive community to be integral to the college. The positive relationships and continued support from everyone I came (and still come) in contact with are helping me to become an effective teacher.

The kindest thing a former student said to me was, "You are and will always be my favorite teacher." She told me that teachers say they care but after having me as a teacher for a year, she found that to be true. I thank TCSJ for that quality. I feel cared for and valued at TCSJ, which has showed me how important it is for me to instill that into the culture of my own classroom.