Technology to Enhance Student Engagement

Technology is something that, prior to COVID many districts did not utilize to its fullest potential. Students did not all have computers in the classroom, and also did not have any access to computers at home. After COVID, I like to say one of the positives, is that most students are now 1:1, meaning each student has access to a computer. That now gives teachers endless options to use technology to engage our students and I love to integrate technology into my lessons every chance I get.

I find that my students want immediate knowledge (don't we all in this tech world we find ourselves in??). One tech tool I use to test my students' knowledge is Kahoot, which is a game-based learning platform. They love it! I also using Flip Grid for classroom activities. This platform is a great (and completely free) website that allows you can ask students a question and they respond/answer with a video recording. One of the things I have found my students LOVE about Flipgrid is that it allows them to hide their face with stickers or funny filters which they get a kick out of.

The great thing with adding technology into the classroom it meets our students where they are...its very much their comfort zone. When we add aspects that students are interested in they are more engaged and ultimately leave our classrooms with a deeper level of knowledge. Technology is going to continue to be our future, why not integrate it into the classroom to engage our youth?

Share with me what tech tools you use with your students!