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TCSJ's Residency Program vs. Internship Program ... What I Wish I Knew

One of the options to become a teacher at TCSJ is the Residency Program, Residency@TCSJ. When I was applying to programs, I had little knowledge of this program. Residency@TCSJ is a one-year program, where you are paired with a mentor for the entire school year, and released in the classroom in phases. You shadow your mentor teacher for the first few months and take over teaching the class gradually throughout the year. This program allows you to build a close relationship with your mentor which makes it helpful to have access to someone with experience in the field you plan to work in.

The internship program (IMPACT Intern Program) is a two year program, where you work as a teacher and take night classes, therefore, you are simultaneously earning your credential and teaching full time. The IMPACT Program allows more independence in the classroom (and a paycheck!); whereas the Residency Program gives you more support along the way by being paired with a mentor who has experience to help guide you and answering your questions along the way.

Depending on your preference, both programs are designed to help you excel as a teacher.

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