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Learning is what it is all about

I graduated high school in 1991. Bachelor’s degree earned in 1999. Master’s degree first attempted in 2006. The second attempt was successful in 2012. I’m trying to practice what I preach to my high school English students everyday, that’s why I am back again—and I’m loving it! The 2022-2023 TCSJ Admin Credential program brings me back to the formal role of student because life-long learning makes life more meaningful.

There is something about joining a community of learners that is really special. The admin credential program at TCSJ is run by practicing administrative professionals who also love learning and the creative connection that teaching brings.

Each week brings the opportunity to learn with two different educational leaders. Classes last for 4 to 10 sessions—once per week—with each professor. Also, for the in person classes, two classes are going simultaneously so that future administrators work with one teacher on Tuesday, and a different teacher on Thursday. Regardless, both classes are always collaborative and with the same cohort of fellow educators learning along with you.

The curriculum is always highly relevant, challenging, and definitely intellectually stimulating. It is amazing how much administrators must do behind the scenes to make a school run effectively! The best part of having active administrators as our teachers is their wealth of lived experiences. Certainly, the anecdotes are never boring!

As a classroom teacher, my favorite part of the program is the fieldwork. At first I was surprised to be placed at a K-8 school given that my entire professional experience has been at the high school level. But the experience has been priceless! My eyes have been opened to a new way of doing business all because of the developmental differences for this group of students. To be honest, counseling and disciplining younger students has been a great way to see my own students in a new light.

The books, articles, and resources we have been assigned have also been incredibly interesting. After 25 years of work in the classroom, it is great to learn new insights on how things run effectively on the scale of the school, district, county and state. It has helped clarify my purpose and why I truly believe education is so important.

What about you? How are you a life-long learner? Do you have a podcast that you love? Have you searched for a creative idea from Teachers Pay Teachers? Do you take opportunities to attend professional conferences? Do you get energized by educators who post great content to Twitter or Facebook? Do you at least take time to connect with your peers and colleagues at your school site over lunch?

Learning is what it is all about. Not just for the students, but for YOU the educator. If you are feeling burned out or overwhelmed, take some time for yourself. Reignite that creative spark and learn something new. Maybe even watch a YouTube video on how to do something you have never done before. You never know, it just might be the thing that puts the spring back into your step as you head toward your classroom tomorrow morning.

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