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I Don’t Feel So Alone.

There are many pieces that create a person's psyche. I was excited about learning how a person’s brain works (namely my own), and it was why I chose Psychology as my degree. However, it is also important to recognize that, although the pieces of a person’s psyche are relatively the same, they all come together differently (and this creates personalities). This is one of the reasons why I look forward to speaking with other people. I want to learn about their lives and cultures, and get immersed in them, but I have also come to realize I am highly empathetic and emotional by nature. During this time of transition, I often find myself struggling with feelings of depression and isolation. However, my time at Teachers College of San Joaquin has helped me by creating a community, a network of ladies who are willing to share their experiences, and I don’t feel so alone.

When I began my journey at TCSJ, I was following up a stint of online learning. The entirety of my Bachelors degree was earned online, and this is not how I envisioned myself gaining knowledge and experience. I appreciated the opportunity that the pandemic allowed: we could get more time, and it seemed professors were more understanding in general, but I fell into a deep depression. During the pandemic I was diagnosed with my mental illness that I struggle with to this day. I am an extrovert who thrives in social situations, and being stuck indoors was bad for my mental health and my relationship. But those times where we had Zoom class made me trudge along.

Now, at Teachers College of San Joaquin, I am back in-person and I feel like I am in my element. I appreciate the cohort, the community of ladies that are all promising educators, and this makes me hopeful for the next months of my residency at TCSJ.


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