How to Navigate Changing Districts After Year One of the IMPACT Intern Program

Although changing district mid-internship is not recommended it is possible! I have listed below the steps to changing districts mid year but it is important to remember that you only have a certain amount of time to complete your internship so make sure you safely secure a position prior to leaving your current position. And if you happen to need to look for a new district due to unforeseen circumstances, know it is possible.

  1. Ensure the new district is associated with TCSJ. TCSJ has their associated districts listed on their site. As well as check with your new district’s HR to ensure they employ interns.

  2. TCSJ Associated Districts

  3. Email your advisor at TCSJ - they will email you the next steps

  4. Inform your new district you are an intern at TCSJ

  5. Receive a verification of employment from your new district to submit to TCSJ.

  6. Change of Restriction will need to be completed through the CTC. TCSJ will email you instructions on how to complete this.

  7. Complete a series of paperwork required by the CTC and TCSJ.

  8. A money order will need to be submitted to the state in order to change the restriction.

  9. TCSJ will inform you that your Change of Restriction has been approved by the state.

There are a lot of steps that must be completed prior to starting at a new district. It is very important you inform TCSJ if this occurs so you are able to begin work on time.