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How to keep up with portfolios!

We all know that working full time and attending class can be a lot to keep up with! Having to prepare for your own students, grade students work, attend night class, and complete homework assignments and projects (portfolios) might seem overwhelming. at first, but with a little advice and persistence, it can be done without a hassle!

My first recommendation: stick to the guidelines your professors give you! I know sometimes it seems like you can do the work at the very end...but I promise that won’t be easy, and will actually be much more stressful. Most professors (if not all) will give you a calendar of when assignments are due throughout the class. In that calendar, they will tell you which portions of the portfolio you should have completed by when. These are typically informal dates set, to keep you on pace. STAY ON TRACK WITH THOSE! If you can continue to work on your portfolio in little pieces at a time, it will be completed before you know it!

My second recommendation: As you complete assignments, put them in your portfolio! It is so much easier to find the section of where the work goes as you are completing it...rather than having to find it all at the end of the class. When you turn in an assignment, turn it into your portfolio as well. It will take no more than 5 minutes to do so, and will save you so much time and scrambling around at the end!

Remember: these portfolios are meant to showcase your work AND you can even use them for your on site observations with admin as well to show proof that you are reflecting on your own teaching practices.

Stay on track, and get it done!

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