How to Choose the Right Professional Development Class for You!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

When I first started teaching (3 years ago) I was overwhelmed by the amount of options we had to choose from for Professional Development days. Besides being overwhelmed by the choices, I also didn’t understand what half of them were. Thankfully with some support on my site, and support from my TCSJ mentor, I was able to learn how to choose the right ones.

First bit of advice...when you get the email to sign up, sign up ASAP! The courses fill up fast, and you definitely want to get into the ones that are right for you.

Second, choose the courses that you feel you need extra support in. During my first year, I was taking PD’s on our new curriculum, and classroom management. I felt that I would get the most out of those, and sure enough...I did!

Third, try NOT to feel overwhelmed (I know.. I know.. I just said I was myself!). There will be plenty of PD opportunities that will allow you to take the PD courses you want. Here I am, in my third year now, and I feel confident enough to schedule the right ones. I also am taking different courses now, than I was in my first year! This year I have been focusing on courses that will help me support my students social/emotional health, and my own mental health. Each year is different, and there is no right or wrong answer as to which course you should take.

If you are still feeling like you just have no idea, ask your admin! I am positive they will have some recommendations for you, and can lead you in the right direction.