How to choose the right PD session

Professional development sessions are a great opportunity to learn something new that you are interested in and many of the sessions are online and you can complete them at your own pace. Last summer I was able to take advantage of taking quite a few PD sessions all from the comfort of my couch.

When I look for the right PD lesson I look through all of the options and try to find one that will help me in my current classroom. For instance, this year I changed districts and grade levels, in addition to all of that I knew my students had not been on campus for over a year. I searched for ways that I could connect with my students that included some technology units. One thing that came from COVID that I try to see as a positive is the capabilities of technology. Many schools became 1:1 districts and now our students can interact with us through different digital platforms. Let's face it kids love technology so why not add it into our lessons for them to become more engaged?

The other part of professional development that I enjoyed was some study sessions that I utilized to pass the RICA test. TCSJ offers a wide variety of PD lessons from classroom management to expanding our role in a student life in the classroom.

My first suggestion is always go through them and read the descriptions, start with something you are truly interested in learning more about. The great thing also about PD sessions with TCSJ is you get extra PD units to help move you over on the pay scale while learning all the things you want to learn!!