How I Include Tech in My Classroom

My teaching strategies changed when the pandemic hit. Everyone started learning new tools and technologies to make online classes interactive and learnable using multiple tools. This year, while we are back in-person, there are multiple strategies and tools that I learned while teaching online that I am continuing to use with my students today. These tools and strategies are making in-person learning fun, interesting, and interactive for my students of all ages. Here is the list of a few strategies you can use in your in-person classrooms.

  1. Gamified learning (Gimkit, Blooket, Quizizz)

  2. Interactive Learning Management Systems to gather data (classcraft)

  3. Integrate social media (youtube channels for homework helper)

  4. Creating digital content (Desmos, Class Kick, Gimkit, Blooket)

  5. Using a shared, online classroom calendar

  6. Incorporate video and multimedia lessons and presentations (Peardecks)

  7. Gather student feedback using Jamboard, flipgrid etc.

  8. Digital field trips

As a teacher in the classroom, these tools would be a great way to flip your classroom and make it fun for your students.

Ms. Qaisar’s Class, 2021 - 100% Student participation in Gamified lessons