How I Balance Being a Mom, Teacher, Student, Wife...

This is a loaded statement and man it is not an easy one but, can we do it all?? Yes.

We are such capable human beings and as life faces us with challenges we can overcome them.

As a mom of two young children and a husband with a demanding work schedule I really did think I was crazy for going back to school after all of these years. Like so many people I looked in the mirror at over 30 and realized that I was not happy in my career. I came home from working within a district office one day and told my family I wanted to give back and be more for my community. I wanted to go back to school and become a teacher in my community. While my family was all on board and supportive, in the back of my mind I was questioning if would be able to manage it all. I hadn't been in a classroom for over 10 years and that was well before my current life responsibilities.

So how did I make it work? It really is a balancing act and if I can offer any advice: Ask for help. Doing it all means that we need to rely on our village and you have to accept that. Call on family members, close friends and friends within your community. Your spouse might need to learn how to cook. Your kids might learn how to help you with cleaning or laundry. Or you might even have to ask a friend to grab your groceries from the store. There is no shame in asking for help.

Completely exhausted from teaching, and getting home from my TCSJ classes around 9 or 10 o'clock in the evening, I would head home and go right to bed. I had to make the conscious decision to not be a superwoman and do a ton of things when I got home. My brain was done. I prioritized going to bed and getting a good night's rest so that the next day I could go to work and focus on my students. After all, they were the reason I was going back to school. I used my time wisely by planning my curriculum a week in advance so when I had my prep period I could do my TCSJ homework and required readings.

Be organized, plan out your days, ask for help, and rely on your village. It can all be done and is worth it when you walk across the stage to get your credential. After earning my credential and seeing that I could do it all, I an now earning my master's degree from TCSJ.