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Change is Hard, but Sometimes Necessary

“I hope they find someone who won’t change a thing, the place is running fine.”

I have heard this statement numerous times. When a principal either retires or moves to another site or position. I recently heard this statement from a colleague because our principal is moving to a new position.

As I was driving to TCSJ for my MIAA class, I saw the County Office of Education sign and the words at the bottom of the sign, “Educate, Innovate and Inspire.” The three words resonate with me as I reflect on my years of learning at TCSJ. We as educators need to educate (our students), innovate (change our teaching practices) and inspire(by leading our learners).

When someone feels that everything is fine and does not welcome change, I believe they are missing an important opportunity for growth and the learning that comes from change.

There are many examples of this from sports to technology. The most successful coach in the NFL is Bill Belichick. Yes, he had Tom Brady but his success was his adaptability with the personnel he had from year to year. In technology, Microsoft was the leader in the industry, nearly destroying Apple but then Apple came out with the i-Phone and now dwarfs Microsoft.

Things need to change or a company will wither away and become inconsequential or even disappear. It is the same with education and TCSJ educates the future teachers to constantly strive in using new strategies and technologies to help students to be the leaders of tomorrow. A bit cliched but true.

As Albert Einstein said, “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change”.


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