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Balancing Your Time as a Teacher

Balancing our daily schedule and time is hard enough, now add in the fact that you are a

teacher. Teachers always seem to take their work home. There are not enough hours in the day. Teachers' lives revolve around the clock; every minute is scheduled. As teachers, our classrooms are organized and our time is always being monitored by us and the students. But what about our personal time; where do we find the balance?

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to balance your time!

  1. Be realistic

  2. Be organized

  3. Complete tasks during independent learning time

  4. Develop long term planning

  5. Only grade minimal about work as needed - not everything needs to be in the gradebook

  6. Set a weekly task schedule

  7. Set aside 1-2 days a week to stay at work at bit longer

  8. Make relaxation necessary

  9. Use to do list

  10. Just say NO

Setting home/work life boundaries are okay! It is important to separate work from home and not to feel guilty. You Got This!

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